Why Choose Apex?

In a Word: Satisfaction

 Due to the present shortages in healthcare disciplines, there are times when being fully staffed is simply not possible or even advantageous to the corporate bottom line.  Payroll expenses typically add 30-40% or more to your hourly wage rate paid to your staff.  We handle all the back office expenses, including maintenance of I-9 status, background checks, drug screens, criminal background checks, skills check list, immunizations, professional liability insurance, worker’s compensation insurance, unemployment insurance, FICA, etc.  We work to fill your staffing needs, relieving the problems of open positions and increased workloads for your existing personnel. 


  • You’re different - We’re adaptable: Each client has different needs and we staff accordingly.
  • We’re compatible: Our pharmacists are interviewed, pre-screened and credentialed before they are referred to you.
  • We’re reliable: Our scheduling tools allow smooth and reliable scheduling and open lines of communication with our team.
  • Expect More: We offer a competitive fee schedule while still providing a quality relief staff.
  • Full Service: Our temporary pharmacists are there to help you in any staffing position – not just to fill prescriptions. Our full-time pharmacy candidates are pre-screened to fit your specific needs.
  • We Let You Breathe Easier: As an employer you know the effect being short-staffed has on the morale of your employees. We can fill those empty positions quickly and efficiently, taking the pressure off you and your personnel.
  • Don’t worry:  An Apex full-time candidate is a pre-screened, pre-qualified “perfect fit” for your staff opening. 
    Our PRN pharmacist candidates are highly qualified professionals who will go the extra mile to make your patients, customers and personnel feel as if they are not working with a “temp”. Our goal is to have your customers see no difference between temporary and permanently employed staff.


Our clients say it best: "One call to Tom at Apex Medical Placements and I knew my medical staffing problems were solved." - Penny Ott, Director, Clinic Programs, Jemez Health & Human Services

"You are the first temp agency that I have had good feedback from our employees. So I will definitely continue to check with you first when we have a staffing need. If people/companies ever want references on your agency please feel free to give them my name and number."         - Mike Monske, Pharm. D, Ph.C, Pharmacy Manager, Pharmaca Integrative Pharmacy

"We appreciate the fact that you provide quality pharmacists to us when we have needs. We know that we can count on you and your services." - T.W.

"You are the BEST." - K.F., Pharmacy Manager

Contact us today and see what a difference Apex Medical Placements, Inc. can make for your facility!

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